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  1. What do you think about people that sell posts to peoples forums? Do you think prices are good and do you always get what you paid for??
  2. Nodespace.us is the host i use to host my forums. Its new but i know the people that work there. this topic is too discuss about the host. Please tell me what you think of the packages and all other bits to do with nodespace below!
  3. i dont like the fact that you cant receive PayPal money from it Apart from that the money is good and worthwhile
  4. i dont really promote on many sites as my forums are quite big. If my forums are going inactive i spend about half an hour on the weekend joining new forums and promotion thats all
  5. there Indian domains correct? i wouldn't think they would go for much. Taz is right, 25 cents each
  6. Call of duty: operations is a call of duty discussion area for all call of duty games, new and old. If you would like to join us then please go to: www.codops.net thanks alot and please join, were doing very well for a new forum
  7. i have to agree with John but also if you have the games section some people get on your back saying stuff like you would have a high post count if you didnt have a forum games section. I think it should not be added
  8. i have a promotion and call of duty discussion forums I have also ran a general discussion forum too
  9. i dont sell on ebay. i have brought a few things. 2 of them never turned up so it has put me off doing so again
  10. thanks alot John. Its a very neat theme
  11. Hello all @ WF my name is martin and i am 12 years old. i run good forums and i have joined here to post!