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  1. Reg fee at most. They're short, and that's the only decent thing about them.
  2. I've never even heard of them before, let alone use them. Will have to check em out.
  3. Pros would be that it's easy to apply for, it's 100% legit, and you can earn decent money from high paying keywords. Cons would be that you can't withdraw to PayPal, you need to make $100 before you can withdraw, and your account can be disabled easily.
  4. Whatever my blog is based on, I would look for news surrounding my topic(s), and write based on that.
  5. I seldom buy posts.
  6. I'm in the affiliate niche.
  7. I really like the professional theme you guys are using. The icons and logo match it very well. Looks fantastic!
  8. Spend time with family, friends, and eat a ton of turkey!
  9. I'm from Canada as well!
  10. I can type at around 80WPM on avg.
  11. I've been to New York, Las Vegas, Orlando Florida, and Boston.