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  1. Everybody hates Chris, it was so funny.
  2. I'm not sure about how many words per minute I can write but it's not VERY high but it's not slow, I guess it's normal lol.
  3. I'll stay at home enjoying the day with my family and have a nice dinner! turkey... yummy!
  4. True, this forum looks great. The logo and the color scheme are perfect.
  5. I'm from Santa Catarina, Brazil!
  6. I spend like 1 hour a day promoting my forum. I post on every promotion forum I know and add the link to my forum in my signature.
  7. I just have one domain and it's registered through name.org
  8. Pros: earn money without doing anything Cons: payments made via checks and you must earn a lot before being able to request payout.
  9. The price is not the best but it's still good, they seem to be legit.
  10. These domains look good but I don't think they mean anything special so the only good about them is the number of letters, you can get like $1 for each domain.
  11. Do you prefer to make your own template from scratch or get a already made theme and modify? I was trying to make my own template from scratch but I failed so when I need to do something related to sites I just modify a already existing template.
  12. Here are three tips to help new blog owners: Advertising: advertise your blog everywhere! Banners, signatures, threads on every kind of forum will generate more traffic and backlinks for your forum. People may like your blog and start visiting it regularly. Interesting content: always make posts with content that will interest most of your readers (depends on blog genre). Never copy and paste posts or news from other blogs/sites, you can get ideas from other places but you must rewrite it. Adding images won't hurt and will make it much more interesting to read. Small posts: try to make small but informative posts. If you really need to make a big text add some pictures between paragraphs to make it less boring. No one likes to read a big and plain text. Thanks for reading.
  13. To promote Post Bomb, I made a new thread on all promotion forums I know and I bump them everyday with our new statistics or news. We also use Twitter and may start using Facebook. What about you?
  14. Do you usually promote someone to be your partner and help you administrate your forum? I just promote people who I really trust (usually it's my brother), I must know the future administrator for at least a month before promoting him. But here is my warning: do not trust anyone on the internet, they can pretend to be your friend but then when they get promoted they do bad things to your forum.
  15. Hey guys, my name is Thiago and I'm 14 years old. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, surf on the internet, play soccer and go skateboarding. I'm new here, so hi