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  1. I wouldn't say they're worth much, they are .in domains which reminds me of the free .tk domains. It is "3MB" and "8MB." I can't see what you could do with the domains.
  2. Pros: Good way to generate revenue on your website. Cons: They have many guidelines and procedures, so your account can be disabled easily, and you can lose money because of this.
  3. I don't have any right now, I am saving up to buy one for my forum right now.
  4. I spend 3-5 hours a day on forums, and I spend at least an hour a day promoting my forum.
  5. The last movie I watched would be Spider Man 2, I have seen it many times, but I still like to watch it every once in awhile.
  6. Hey, it's great to be here and it's nice to meet everyone. Introductions are always awkward, lol. Well, I'll start by saying, that this forum looks great! I love the idea of the forum, and I love how the forum looks, it's wonderful! Now, I will tell you a little about myself. I go by the name 2787cmt, Cmt, CmtSports, Cmt2787, etc. I prefer to me be called Cmt. Cmt isn't an acronym by the way. It's "Cmt" not "CMT." Everyone gets that mixed up. I have been going on forums for over 2 years. I am a male. I am a teenager. I live in the United States (USA FTW!). I am a Community Team Leader on Supromote. I an the owner/founder of 3 forums myself, "Cmt Sports Forum" is one of them, "Promoters Park" is another, and "Homework Help!" is my latest forum. I am also going to be opening another promotion forum soon, I just need to get everything figured out, and I need to find the time to work on it some more. I am a HUGE sports fan. I like American sports mainly, like Baseball, Basketball, and American Football. Well, that's all. Thanks.