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  1. Great Tips, thanks for the share!
  2. I have favorites based on the paid or free system. Paid- IPB Free- PhpBB
  3. I made a forum because it is my hobby and I like to have discussion.
  4. I am currently in the process of making a webmaster forum.
  5. Well I usually look through their posts on the forum they are selling the service at to see if they do good posts or not. If I have doubts I ask them for 1 or 2 sample posts.
  6. I have never sold nor bought anything from ebay. I dont really like it to be truthful.
  7. I prefer already made because I cannot really make a good self coded template.
  8. The site loaded up fast, which is awesome. But the disk space they offer for the prices dont really cut it for me.
  9. They dont really have much value, I'd say 0.25 each like Taz said. Not really a brand able domain to be honest.
  10. Despicable Me with my younger cousins.
  11. I've been to London, most of the states in the USA, cuba and the dominican republic.
  12. I dont know my WPM, but I do know that I can type fairly fast, especially on desktops.
  13. I recently watch a show called Mad TV which is a show that does parody's to things in real life. Quite funny actually.
  14. My favorite tv show is the big bang theory by a landslide.
  15. I recently had some Taco Bell takeout for dinner.