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  1. Pan cakes for breakfeast, they were so good I think im going to go make some more as you just made me hungry again, haha .
  2. At the moment it's raining non stop and flooding everywhere which is unusual for us because it's always sunny here, unfortuantly alot of people have died because they try to cross flooded roads and the floods are that deep that it sweeps their cars away and they drown .
  3. I come from the land down under! Haha im from Australia, pretty nice place, nice weather .
  4. Family guy for sure, it's so funny and interesting, only problem is that it's on pretty late at night which is unfortuante :S.
  5. Taken staring Liam Nelson, best movie I have ever seen in my whole life, great plot, great actors, great everything, recommended movie!
  6. I use friends, promotion boards, twitter, facebook, myspace - you name it, i've used it, just anything to get my website and forum up and 'known' - I don't spam though as that just annoys people and makes them not come.
  7. I usually just get in the 'zone' and get my ideas there or ill just check our some fellow blogs and create (not steal remake my own) ideas from theirs, and if I totally copy a idea, ill ask first and give credits .
  8. Ill check out if they are first worth it, but the problem you face with these services is finding someone of quality that isn't going to go in any disturb/upset your forums current way of 'life' and another problem is that they spam alot and find it hard to follow simple rules.
  9. VB for me because it's sleek, easy to use and has the best support you could ask for - never can go wrong with VB .
  10. I give them a little backhand ha jokes. I just usually give them warnings as per my rules, if they don't follow after that ill give them bans, then it goes onto the big guns if they continue and permanent ban and depending on the offence there may be a IP ban in there too.
  11. Pros: Good money, legit (they actually payout) you can earn decent money easily. Cons: They are a bunch of ...... that disable accounts easily and they have way too many rules that are irrelevant!
  12. Yeah it did load up quite fast, but as everyopne else said the prices aren't competetive and I think ill just stick to my host which have good prices and are extremely fast and reliable .
  13. I believe I own one in total but I kinda forgot my password for it so I gotta work around that . If I decide to stop being lazy haha
  14. Whats the sole reason everyone made their forum/website? Was it to have fun? To make money? To find something to do? For me I guess it was just to find something to do as I was very bored usually and stumbled accross forums and websites and never looked back, best thing I ever did!
  15. I guess I just spend about a half hour a day, this is enough to do as many topics and posts I need and get the right exposure I need for my forum without 'spamming' everywhere and giving my site a bad image .