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  1. .in are not the best domains at the moment. Try to get good .com's or .net's.
  2. Ban spammers who are not writing anything but links I would say, warn first if not a direct spammer.
  3. is a game review place with cheats and stuff. Thinking about adding more to it but that's it so far. It's new so don't be too rough on it.
  4. con - gaming sites pro - health sites. CON GAMING SITES GETS ALMOST 0 CENTS PER CLICK. IT IS WORTH HAVING THAT. O_o I think not just a few low clicks suck.
  5. Making is your signature never hurts anyone! Also helps in more traffic to website.
  6. I own one domain. It's only one I need to enhance one at a time. TO make it a top level website.
  7. Look at other people's ideas and thats how I do it.
  8. This will ensure more people stay maybe contest for most posts out. That would ensure a nice post count for this new forum.
  9. Welcome Aaron happy new year. Welcome to this forum.
  10. I am new to this forum if it twas really good for you to see me don't bother not having a response not put up.
  11. The weather is almost raining.
  12. I had chicken. Wanted some bagels but just had chicken.