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  1. I have a few themes for members to pick from as members all like different themes so i have given them a chose
  2. I promote on other forums do Affiliate swaps and link in my Sig and have they have all worked I don`t bump my topic every day but will do updates about once a month as well as normal posting in the forum
  3. Yeh it has gone so you could lock this topic
  4. I have 3 member off staff and i picked them because i know them and i trust them which i think is the key you need to trust your staff 100%
  5. Just one and thats for my forum
  6. Hi and welcome nice to meet you
  7. Just had Bake potatoes with cheese and onion
  8. I only use Facebook to chat to family and friends i don`t know about twitter as never used it
  9. Hi and welcome webwarrior
  10. Hi and welcome lazyserv
  11. Just had cheese pizza
  12. CSI and Family guy for me
  13. Hi and Marc welcome to the forum
  14. Hi and khaleel welcome to the forum
  15. Hi and GodOfPower welcome to the forum