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  1. If you bumped your thread in my forums, you'd see the banned message in 2 seconds I promote on my own site network (I have 15 at least, so there's place to drop a banner/link) and also by posting on relevant blogs/forums with my signature. It doesn't happen overnight, but it works nicely. I've also given more thought to a good SEO effort, and it shows.
  2. Have used PhpBB. That was many years ago. When they started the new 3.x version I stopped using it. Didn't like it anymore. Then went crazy buying VB and IPB licenses, believing people who said that you cannot run a serious forum unless you pay a 'junk'load of money on the script. Spammers started attacking my forums and I was hardly keeping them at bay. Installed anti-spam plugins, but useless. Had a short stint with SMF, the worst mistake I've ever made and ported it to MyBB. This is my favourite script now, I have a forum that runs on MyBB for 3 years now, with a unique design and no problems.
  3. I don't choose my staff anymore. Most of the time I can take care of the administration myself, so I don't need support. Had some bad experience with mods how started acting like little gods and almost ruined my community. If I have someone who's excellent and would like to help, then I consider his application, otherwise, I can run my own gigs.
  4. have worked with phpBB, IPB, VB, SMF and MyBB in the past 9 years. I've had excellent experience with MyBB, it proved to be the best script, even if compared to the platforms I invested hundreds of dollars in.
  5. I create sites, so the business is web design. I also sell some hosting, and earn money from my web sites advertising plans.
  6. 77 posts for 1 buck is a bit too good to be true. I've done paid posting in my days and would ask for at least .15/post or .2/post. I've paid similar prices too. I don't need such services anymore, since you can always do a post exchange or create 2-3 accounts and start the chat.
  7. I've sold some stuff on ebay, but I like handling my own business from my own ecommerce sites. It's true I don't have so many clients, but at least I'm not paying all the commission
  8. Looks like the site is closed and the business no longer available ...
  9. Wanted to say something bad, but I can't The theme is clean and pretty, the forums look nice and active. Love it. The only thing I'd advice you would be to not how the stats area in the index. It's too long and boring. let people see the forums and maybe shorts stats, they're there for the content, not counting posts. That would help make the index footer smaller. Love the site otherwise. BEST OF LUCK!
  10. We're using a 'rainbow' of promotion systems. Some are paid, some are free. Sometimes we get business from word of mouth, sometimes from a banner we paid for or a link we left in a forum. What's the best promotion type for you, that's given you best results?
  11. We can do a lot of promotion on our own, but sometimes paying for this can mean less time spent promoting and more time to run the gig. Have you guys paid for promotion?
  12. 9 years ago I'd change others' templates. Now I like to create my designs from scratch, since I have the skills and the ideas to do so.
  13. I'm a web designer, specialized in Wordpress mostly, though I work on forums and other sites too. As far as content is concerned, I run sites about web design, orthodontics, travels, martial arts etc.
  14. I've had people mock me for working from my own bedroom. I don't have a modern office in the city, I don't have employees, I'm the secretary, the executive, the designer and the janitor in my small home based business. Of course, what I get from this is more profit and less expenses. As the recession hit our country too, many web design studios went bankrupt. I am still going strong, since my expenses are minimal. So, do you guys think it's wrong to run a home based business? Should we be ashamed?
  15. For me it was pretty simple: a good laptop to work on and 2 reseller accounts to also manage my sites and give my clients a good deal. I work from home, haven't spent anything on an office or other similar stuff. How much did you invest in your business?