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  1. I own about seven. All registered through GoDaddy as that's the only domain register that I will use. Have you ever sold a domain?
  2. How fast are you at typing? Do you find yourself quicker on a laptop rather than a PC? Maybe the other way round? What's your approx WPM?
  3. What are your plans for Christmas? Are you buying for anyone? What kind of weather is expected for you on Christmas?
  4. I own about seven domain names and only a couple of them have forums that I'm working on. I might sell a couple of the domains at some stage.
  5. My favourite is PhpBB because of it's fastness. Also the way the MODs are built amuse me. I'm thinking of building a MOD.
  6. Hey

    Hey. I'm Fluffybunny and I've joined here. I hope to enjoy myself and learn what you guys have to say about webmastering. I know quite a bit about being a Webmaster myself.