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Hello! Welcome to WebP forums!

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Hey guys! Wanted to say hello.


My name is Maks, and I am a web entrepreneur. I came across an opportunity to aquire this great community and make it as great as it can be. There is alot of opportunity, and this is an awesome community in line with other forums that I have started in the past, and my blog, where I am starting a place to store all my thoughts.


The more I do this, more and more of my income is being derived from the internet, in particular forums and affiliate programs, and I love learning and giving back to the community.


I look forward to chatting with everyone and making WebP the best like minded community for business owners in the online world.


I have already made a few enhancements, including adding some forum categories for missing ideas. =)


In the near future, will be doing a contest, giving away gift cards for people who refer others to the community, post quality, and overall activity.





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